Online Candle Making Course By Youniche

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Light up your creativity with our online candle making course!

The main focus of this candle-making course will be on developing a thorough understanding of the various types of wax available, including their unique properties and benefits, and how to choose the right wax for each project.

In addition, you'll discover the best places to purchase raw materials such as wax, wicks, perfumes, and colors, and you'll learn how to create beautiful, fragrant candles using a range of techniques, from classic molds to whimsical cupcake and milkshake designs.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to confidently estimate quantities, mix colors to achieve your desired shades, and decorate your candles with flair and finesse.

In this hands-on activity, you'll learn how to make four different types of candles, each with its own unique style and scent. These include a milkshake candle, a cupcake candle, a bubble candle, and a classic cup candle.