Offline Creative Upcycling Course By Youniche

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Revive, restore, and renew: join our upcycling and decoupage course and unlock your creative potential!

Learn the art of upcycling - turning old into gold, discover how to breathe new life into unwanted items and create stunning, unique masterpieces with your own hands. In this course, we will look into the rich history of decoupage art and explore the popular design style of shabby chic decor. Throughout the course, you will also gain insights into the history of decoupage art, including its origins and evolution. 

In addition to theory, the course will provide extensive hands-on practice. You will be introduced to various tools and materials used in upcycling and decoupage, including glues, papers, paints, brushes, and protective finishes. You will learn how to prepare surfaces, apply decoupage techniques, distress and age surfaces, and achieve a desired finish.

Join us and be inspired to create sustainable, beautiful, and functional art for your home, office, or as a gift for your loved ones. Join our creative community and let your imagination rise!