Unique natural leather keychain

Maher Sakkijha

A Key chain in the form of a circular drawn inside it your favorite logo or your favorite phrase on both sides with laser technology and add your name or any phrase you like, with 100% natural leather to distinguish yourself with a very elegant masterpiece or gift to the one you love something special made with love 

You can print on one side or both sides

Details :
  • Material   Brass , Silver , Gold
  • Size: Diameter : 3.5 _ 4  /   Length of leather : 11 cm 
  • Origin: Jordan
    Note: If you would like to get this product in specific color or size, drop us a message or call us on 00962-79-9370009
  • Also, the Price of Gold May vary according the piece size and gold global price. If you want to have this product in gold .please contact us on the number above.